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Welcome to devious_art.

What you'll find here:

-FO Banners
-LJ Headers
-Freebies are posted occasionally. Somewhere from 5 to 20 requests will be taken at a time.
-Bases are posted in almost every graphics update. Bases are free to take, although I do appreciate credit. These are the only things I make that you can customize.
-Tutorials are posted once and a while when I learn something new or get a request for a tutorial.

Link to us:

See older banners here

When taking anything from this journal, you must do the following:

[x]Comment on the journal telling me what you're taking.
[x]Credit me-
For Icons: In the keywords
For FO Banners and LJ Headers: In your userinfo
For Colorbars/Fanart: Somewhere close to where you're using it
[x]Do not customize any of my graphics unless they are bases.
[x]If you make a request, don't contact me in any way asking when your request will be done. You'll get it when I finish it.

If I find that you aren't crediting me for something:
[x]You'll first get a "warning" in which I'll ask you to give me credit.
[x]If you don't properly credit me within 24 hours, you'll be banned from the community.

Taking graphics without giving credit is stealing! No exceptions!

When requesting graphics of any kind, follow these steps:

[x]Comment at the right place! Here is the main request page. From there, decide what you want to request and click on the link to be taken to the entry you request at. If you request anywhere else, I will ignore your comment and you won't get that graphic.
[x]You may only request 5 graphics a month. This includes layouts but doesn't include freebies.
[x]If you're not sure if you're going to use what you're requesting, don't request it! I really don't appreciate people asking me to spend my time and energy making things for them if they aren't sure they'll ever use it.

Request Pick-Ups:

These will be posted as I accumulate a good number of requests. I'll make a post of all requests that I've gotten up to a certain date. At the top of the post will be all the names of the people who need to pick up their graphic(s).

When you pick it up, comment and let me know you have so I can remove it from the post. Once all graphics are picked up, the post will be deleted. If a week passes and graphics have still not been picked up, the post will be deleted anyways.

If you chose not to use what I make for you for any reason, tell me so I can make it sharable or at least delete it from my Photobucket. I don't make things for you to look at and decide not to use. I make it for other people to use and enjoy. You're lucky that I took the time to make it for you, even if you don't like it, and you're even luckier that I host the images on my own Photobucket for a lot of the things on this site, so please have the decency to tell me if you don't plan on using it.

Things you should understand:
[x]You will not get your graphic before a pick-up post goes up. If you request a simple icon the day after I post a pick-up entry, you won't get your graphic until the next pick-up entry I make.
[x]You will not be contacted saying your graphic has been posted. You have to keep track of that yourself.
[x]Unless I misspell something on your graphic or do something you didn't tell me to do, I will not redo your graphic. If you don't like it or you want to change the font or color, that's not my problem. If I did everything you asked, I won't go back and change anything. I don't save .psd files, and I'm not starting.

Freebie Pick-Ups:

These will be posted shortly after I close requesting on the freebies. Please comment when you pick up the graphic, save it to your own server, and make sure you credit me! If you don't pick-up your freebie within a week, the pick-up entry will be deleted anyways.

Green Day//Brad Pitt//Gwen Stefani//vintage//Rachel McAdams//Titanic//Moulin Rouge//Andy Warhol//Stockard Channing//Ty Pennington//Ashanti//Narnia//The Killers//Brokeback Mountain//Jake Gyllenhaal//Kerr Smith//Gay Rights//Ellen Degeneres//Randy Harrison//Gale Harold//Ryan Dunn//Top Gun//Harry Potter

Feel free to make suggestions here and I'll add them to the list.

deviant_queen - My name is Lyndsey and I live in Lexington, South Carolina. I've been making graphics for about two years now and I love it. I try to update as often as possible, but sometimes RL is just busy and it may take a while for me to update.

You can see all of my older graphics and tutorials here .

You can find all the awards I've won making graphics here.

I hope you enjoy my work!

Email Me:

IM Me:
galelvr66 (AIM)
deviant_queen (YIM)
deviant_queen@hotmail.com (MSN)

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